NFT TOP40 has been approved and  published in the Roku Channel Store in the following regions: United States.  This is a great opportunity to be leading the charge into the Defi., Web3, and NFT & metaverse spaces. Music and entertainment will continue to exist as we expand into the virtual landscape. The more place and spaces that exist, means the more opportunities for creators to share with their audiences.

NFT Top40 is focused on delivering updates to creators on where the industry is overlapping crypto assets with music and the arts. Our focus is to create Top40 listings and charts that can introduce collectors and supporters of creators to new and interesting projects curated under one umbrella. NFT Top40 is also going to educate artist on the value of a metadata and SEO strategy in ranking their artwork in databases. Data is the new “Gold” and NFT Top40 is going to empower Indie artists and creator to take control of their data and manage their data collection processes.

Users in the U.S. can now add NFT Top40 channel by visiting the Channel Store or by using this code:


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