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The only EPK App creation imprint of its kind, We offer a full suite of business services that include advertising opportunities through our extensive network and promotional outlets. We are able to tokenize metadata onto recordings when minting NFTs for distribution. The time is now for Artis and Musicians to “level-up” their thinking. Creators should be approaching the industry with the mindset of being a licensed Publishing company.

Calling yourself a “Publisher” instead of an Artist will train your brain to leave creative mode and enter the business mindset that will allow your to see what other peoples skills and value is bringing to the overall success of your project. Once a publisher is able to understand the major collaborative efforts needed to see major success, they are more able to negotiate with percentages of expected future royalties and earnings.  Not being willing to negotiate percentages of royalty ownership and not having access to upfront budgets is often why the vast majority of recording projects never get team support and become lucrative.

Our model of creating an EPK App that has the entire team built-in is the solution that can solve this issue.

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